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The Horrifying Secrets Of The Skull and Bones Organization


Secret societies have always fascinated the human imagination, sparking curiosity and conjuring images of clandestine meetings and hidden agendas. Among the most notorious secret societies is the Skull and Bones organization, which has captured the attention of conspiracy theorists and intrigued scholars alike. In this article, we will delve into the horrifying secrets behind the Skull and Bones, exploring its history, rituals, influence, and controversies.

History of Skull and Bones

The Skull and Bones, formally known as the Order of Skull and Bones, is a secret society established in 1832 at Yale University. It was founded by William H. Russell and Alphonso Taft, to foster a brotherhood of influential and powerful individuals. Since its inception, the organization has attracted some of the most prominent figures in politics, business, and academia.

Membership and Recruitment Process

Membership in the Skull and Bones is highly exclusive and selective. Each year, only 15 Yale seniors, known as "Tappees," are chosen to join the organization. The recruitment process involves secrecy and mystery, with potential members being approached discreetly. They are then required to undergo initiation rituals to prove their loyalty and commitment to the society.

Secrecy and Conspiracy Theories

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Skull and Bones is its veil of secrecy. The society operates under a strict code of silence, prohibiting members from divulging details about their activities. This secrecy has fueled numerous conspiracy theories, with speculations ranging from connections to the Illuminati to controlling world events from behind the scenes.

The Tomb: The Skull and Bones Headquarters

The headquarters of the Skull and Bones is a mysterious building known as "The Tomb." Located on the Yale campus, this windowless structure holds the secrets and artifacts of the organization. Inside, a collection of bones and skulls, including that of the legendary Native American chief Geronimo, adds to the aura of mystique surrounding the society.

Rituals and Initiations

The initiation rituals conducted by the Skull and Bones are shrouded in secrecy and often described as unsettling. New members are subjected to various rituals, including the revealing of their deepest secrets and engaging in symbolic acts. These ceremonies aim to solidify bonds among members and instill a sense of loyalty and devotion to the society.

Influence and Power

The Skull and Bones organization has wielded significant influence and power throughout its history. Its members have gone on to hold high-ranking positions in politics, finance, and other spheres of influence. The connections forged within the society have provided members with a network of support and opportunities, further amplifying their impact on the world stage.

The Connection to U.S. Presidents

One notable aspect of the Skull and Bones is its connection to U.S. presidents. Several American presidents, including George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, have been members of the organization. This has led to speculation about the influence the society may exert on the highest office in the country and the potential impact on decision-making.

Controversies and Criticisms

Like any secretive organization, the Skull and Bones has faced its fair share of controversies and criticisms. Some argue that its influence undermines democracy and perpetuates elitism. Others claim that its rituals and practices border on the occult and promote a disturbing worldview. The lack of transparency has fueled public skepticism and fueled the proliferation of conspiracy theories.

The Bohemian Grove Connection

The Skull and Bones is not the only secretive organization linked to power and influence. Another prominent group is the Bohemian Grove, a private men's club located in California. Some members of the Skull and Bones have also been associated with the Bohemian Grove, further deepening the web of connections and raising questions about hidden agendas.

Influence on Society and World Events

The impact of the Skull and Bones extends beyond individual careers and into society as a whole. Some believe that the organization's members play a significant role in shaping world events and influencing geopolitical outcomes. From economic policies to political decisions, the reach of the Skull and Bones is said to be far-reaching, with implications that can be both awe-inspiring and terrifying.

Secret Societies: A Global Phenomenon

While the Skull and Bones has garnered significant attention, it is just one example of secret societies that exist worldwide. Secret societies have been a part of human history for centuries, each with its rituals, symbols, and traditions. The allure of secrecy and exclusivity continues to captivate individuals and fuel speculation about hidden powers and agendas.


The Skull and Bones organization remains shrouded in mystery, with its true intentions and activities known only to its members. While conspiracy theories persist, it is essential to approach the topic with a critical mindset, separating fact from fiction. The influence and power associated with the society cannot be ignored, but understanding its full extent requires careful examination and consideration.


1. Is the Skull and Bones organization real? 

Yes, the Skull and Bones organization is a real secret society established in 1832 at Yale University.

2. How do you become a member of the Skull and Bones? 

Membership in the Skull and Bones is highly exclusive and secretive. Potential members are approached discreetly, and the selection process involves initiation rituals.

3. What is the significance of the Geronimo skull in the Skull and Bones headquarters? 

The Geronimo skull is said to be one of the artifacts held in the Skull and Bones headquarters, adding to the mystique and lore surrounding the organization.

4. Does the Skull and Bones influence world events? 

The extent of the Skull and Bones' influence on world events is a topic of debate. While some believe it plays a significant role, others view it as exaggerated or unsubstantiated.

5. Are there other secret societies similar to the Skull and Bones? 

Yes, secret societies exist globally, each with its traditions and members. The Skull and Bones is just one example of such organizations.

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