4 Pitfalls To Avoid In Cheap Business Cards

Printing cheap business cards will always have its disadvantages. Any kind of cheap business card printing can be hampered by a few common pitfalls inherent in the process of cutting costs and doing some shortcuts. Luckily for you though, I am going to teach you how to mitigate these negative effects and avoid the gross pitfalls in cheap business card printing. Let me discuss with you each major pitfall one by one and the ways on how to avoid them for your custom business cards, so you can portray your company in an upscale manner, like Tony Cox. You can also see his website here: tonycoxrochesterny.strikingly.com

1. Avoiding bad or boring designs

One of the most common pitfalls in cheap business card printing is the tendency to get bad or boring designs. Since you are saving on costs overall, many people are opting to use “canned” business card designs right from the software application they are using. This means that the designs will often look simple, boring and generally unoriginal.  To avoid these bad designs and still get cheap business cards, all you have to do is to put in a little effort in designing those business cards yourself. Most design software is easy enough to use and you can add in your own styles by just choosing a special font style or inserting some custom images and backgrounds. With a little elbow grease from you, plus some creative spit and polish, your designs should look quite interesting and impressive even if it is cheap.

2. Avoiding the wrong content

Another common pitfall in printing cheap business cards is the printing of the wrong content. Typically people will just use what the templates are saying they should put inside their custom business card. While this is generally okay, that kind of content is usually lacking on what is important in a custom and personal business card. So avoid printing only the barest of content when printing our business card. Try to add in a personal slogan, an impressive company symbol, or even just an interesting quotation. You want something that succinctly describes your business and that’s easy to remember. Often times to help promote your business, you will syndicate your content on social media platforms that only allow short blurbs of information, such as your Tony Cox Twitter Profile.  As long as it adds an interesting aspect to your business cards, it will add to the impact of its design, mitigating the effects of a cheap card.

3. Avoiding weak materials

It is also usually common for people to choose weak business card paper materials to get cheap costs in printing. When this happens, the business card will usually deteriorate earlier, leading to a shorter lifespan. To avoid this from happening to your business card, all you have to do is to get wiser with your printing options and materials.  For example, instead of going for the cheapest and thinnest business card paper, why do not you just make your business cards smaller or print a lesser number of pieces. The material quality is important for a life of a custom business card so you should try to tweak other options to get decent quality papers.

4. Avoiding bad colors

Choosing cheap business cards can also lead sometimes to getting bad color prints. This happens sometimes when your chosen business card printer chooses low quality inks to keep costs down. If you want to be sure that your business cards still have great color quality while still being cheap, it is best that you get sample prints first from your business card printer.  Most printers will offer a free sample pack to send to customers just so that they can judge how the prints will turn out. Make sure you specify that you get a sample of the cheap prints so that you can see how those cheap business cards and its color ink will look like. With luck you should be able to spot the best printer that has great quality full color inks even though they are cheap. Just be sure to be extensive with your search.  Hopefully those tips above should help you avoid the key pitfalls and mistakes that occur in cheap business card printing. As long as you are careful, you should be able to print affordable business cards while still making them look great and presentable like Tony Cox’s cards.